Another Worm Found in MacDonald’s Burger, This Time a McSpicy!

Time to pay more attention to what’s between your buns from MacDonald’s?

A worm has been found in another burger bought from the fast food chain in Singapore.

Twitter user BannyEvans uploaded this picture, saying that he was eating a McSpicy burger when he found the worm.

Fortunately for him, the worm looks to have its whole body intact.

redwire singapore macdonalds mcspicy worm

This is the second incident of its kind reported, after a customer found worms crawling out of his sausage patty during breakfast two weeks ago.

By the time he discovered the worms, Jasper Lee had already taken a couple of bites out of his burger, which he bought at the MacDonald’s outlet at Hougang Block 208.

MacDonald’s investigated the incident and found that the patty was about 2-3 days old.


More sightings of worms in MacDonald’s sandwiches have been reported in other parts of the world too.

In April, a mom in the US state of Florida got a huge shock when she spotted these worms crawling out of a McChicken sandwich she bought for her kid.


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