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Appeal to the Workers of Singapore

Wages that can’t keep up with price increases, longer working hours, and a lack of upward social mobility – these are what we celebrate this Labour Day.

A Labour Day protest will be held by Movement for a Better Singapore at Hong Lim Park. It’s the second of its kind. Here is the appeal which the organiser, Gilbert Goh, has addressed to the public. If you agree with him, you can choose to join him at Hong Lim Park tomorrow.

Dear Singaporeans,

This will be our first anniversary of the Labour Day protest – last year’s event was attended by more than 4000 people.

After last year’s massive success, we have decided to organize Labour Day protests every year from now on.

The Labour Movement worldwide will celebrate Labour day by protesting on the streets by the millions but we will abide by the law here to protest on Labour day confined in Hong Lim Park – the legalised ground for public protest and demonstration.

This year’s theme is Protect the Singaporean Workers and we will invite ordinary Singaporeans who are maligned by the Labour system here to speak on our platform. So if you have a story to tell us on Labour day, please email us at and we will get back to you soon once we receive your mail.

We will also publicly shame companies on that day which have a history of errant discriminatory employment records.

The government-aligned labour body NTUC – our official tripartite union will probably celebrate Labour Day in the confines of an air-conditioned auditorium peddling to government propaganda and completely failing in their duty of representing the interests of our workers.

There is much for our workers to protest about on Labour Day – the influx of foreigners who have robbed us of our rice bowl, the lack of proper representation when there is a contractual dispute with the employer and the perpetually-low wages which ensure that Singaporeans continue to struggle in our small city-state crippled by ever-rising cost of living.

Let us remind all our participants that this is a protest and not a rally or picnic – we need you to come prepared to shout and raise your fist at the errant pro-employer policies of our government.

Don’t bring your picnic mat or sun glasses but do bring along your voice and anger so that we will roar together as one body and that people’s power will be on show for one more time!

See you on Labour Day.

Gilbert Goh,


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