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Australians Thought They Contracted Covid-19 After Tasting Made-in-Singapore Milo


Made-in-Singapore Milo that is being sold temporarily at Australian supermarket chain Aldi had some Australians doubting their taste buds.

Some complained that it was so tasteless that they tested themselves for Covid-19, thinking that they had lost their sense of taste.

Others complained that the tins of Milo tasted weird and had a weird texture.

The fiasco erupted on a Facebook group called Aldi Mums, where a customer posted a warning to about the “revolting” taste of the Milo sold in the stores before discovering that it was made in Singapore.

Another angry Milo buyer said:

“Make sure you check the back of the tin if you want Milo that tastes like real Milo. Trust me, you don’t want to waste your money on the ones made in Singapore, it’s terrible.”

Australians are apparently very particular about their Milo, which has been made in New South Wales since 1934.

Nestle has admitted that newer batches of tinned Milo had indeed been produced in Singapore while their Australian factories were undergoing upgrades.

The brand also admitted the Singapore recipe is different to the Australian recipe but maintained it is ‘very similar’.

Made-in-Singapore Milo has turned out to be such a “disaster” that Nestle reassured Australians that Australian stock is ‘already coming back onto the shelf’.Australians Thought They Contracted Covid-19 After Tasting “Revolting” Made-in-Singapore Milo



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