Baby Turns Blind after Family Friend Took a Photo of Him with the Flash On!

If you’re taking a photo with Baby inside, it’s perhaps best to leave the flash off.

A baby has been permanently blinded in one eye, after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash while taking a close-up photograph of the little one.

The 3-month-old suffered irreparable damage from the camera flash, which was held about 10 inches away from the boy.

His parents found that he had suffered reduced vision in his left eye and blindness in his right eye, which doctors say is permanent and cannot be fixed with surgery.

Turns out, the strong flash damaged cells on the macula – the part of the eye where incoming light rays are focused.

Doctors say damage to the macula can lead to the loss of central vision, which allows people to see straight ahead.

The macula is not fully developed until children are four, meaning youngsters are very sensitive to strong light.

Scientists advise parents not to bathe their infants in bathrooms with strong light as this could also damage their eyes.

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