Bangladeshi Boss Plays Out Own Countrymen, Tries to Send Them Home without Paying Salaries

A Bangladeshi national is under investigation for not paying the salaries of 31 of his fellow Bangladeshi workers, and instead trying to send them home.

A.B.M Rafiqul Islam, who is also a Singapore PR, helms the two construction companies that are now being probed by the Manpower Ministry.

Those firms are HBB Engineering and C-Plus Engineering.

Said the MOM:

“We are investigating the companies for failing to pay salaries on time and for attempting to send them home without paying their salaries in full, with a view to prosecute them.”

In the meantime, the MOM has debarred both companies and its directors from hiring foreign workers.

This incident is one of the largest cases of unpaid wages this year.

The 31 workers first sought help from the ministry in January.

Twenty were from HBB Engineering and 11 from C-Plus Engineering.

They were owed between 4 and 8 months’ pay.

The MOM has managed to help 6 workers receive their full wages so far, and the rest of the claims are being mediated.



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