BreadTalk Planned a 600% Mark-Up for its Repackaged “Freshly Prepared” Soya Bean Milk

KEV: So it seems that consumers were receiving a discount when they purchased BreadTalk’s repackaged Yeo’s soya bean milk for just S$1.80. Some sleuthing later, it happens that BreadTalk had intended to price the supposedly “freshly prepared” soya bean milk at S$3.00 – almost twice the price!

Now you can see why we are so angry over this whole soya bean incident. It’s not about the price, I mean, sometimes you pay for convenience. But consumers like us were under the impression that this soya bean milk was freshly made by BreadTalk. Instead of being freshly-made, “freshly-prepared” just means the drink was just “freshly-poured”!

At MacDonald’s, a Coke is a Coke and you know it, Ice Milo is advertised as Ice Milo. But in BreadTalk’s case, you’re taking a S$1.50 a packet Yeo’s drink, pouring one-third of its contents into a bottle, then intending to sell it at twice the price of the WHOLE Yeo’s packet?

Come on, marking up one simple soya bean milk drink by 6 times the price is just too much!

ED’s NOTE: BreadTalk has apologist for misleading consumers with its “freshly prepared” label on the soya bean milk bottles. Despite its apology, thousands of netizens continue to criticise the company, with many calling its business practices unethical. Read more here:

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“BreadTalk’s ‘Freshly-Prepared’ Soya Bean Milk is Just ‘Freshly-Transferred” and Sold at a Mark-Up!




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