Bun-Hungry Customer Issued Receipt with Racist Comments; Eatery Apologises

All she wanted was fried buns – but she got more than what she bargained for.

Sabira Ariffin and an Indian friend went to the eatery Fatty Bom Bom and ordered fried buns.

They got a shock when the received the receipt for their order, which bore the words “3 bun jee india parekk nakkeling gomblok”

According to Sabira, that meant “‘3 buns only. Stupid Indian pariah’ plus another derogatory term for Indian.”

In a 27 Aug Facebook post, she said:

“I got my Indian friend to order the fried buns for me cos I really love it but I was too scared to order because it’s just fried buns. I took the receipt from him and saw this. I instantly lost my appetite. I feel so hurt and sad. What hurts even more was when they were laughing when they saw the receipt from their end. My friend and I really loved your food. Now I can’t even bear to look at it. I’m sorry I ordered only 3 buns. I’m even more sorry that you have such staff.”

Fatty Bom Bom has apologised for the incident and said the “insensitive and unprofessional” comment, which it also deemed “racist and rude”.

The eatery said it has terminated the staff involved, and will train staff to make sure such an incident does not re-occur.





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