Cancer-Causing Substances Found in Popular Biscuits

Hong Kong’s consumer watchdog, the Consumer Council, has found cancer-causing substances in 60 samples of pre-packaged biscuits.

Amongst these are popular biscuits in Singapore, including:
• Hup Seng Special Cream Crackers
• Ritz Crackers Cheese Flavoured Sandwich,
• Jacob’s Original Cream Crackers 93% Wheat Cereal
• Oreo Mini Oreo Original, and
• Muji Shiruko Sandwich Cracker

The full set of samples contained contaminants – glycidol or acrylamide, or both.

These contaminants emerged during the processing of the biscuits at high temperatures.

Animal testing also indicates that the genotoxic carcinogens may induce cancer.

Council CEO Gilly Wong said:

“We believe that these kinds of contaminants are possible to avoid because according to our findings some of the ingredients in these biscuits are palm oil … You can minimise the contaminants as much as possible.”

The European Food Safety Authority has also stated that palm oil refined at high temperatures carries potential carcinogenic risks.

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