Car Rental Company Seeks Help to Track Down Rogue PHV Driver who Rented Car then Run Road

MOHAMAD CAR RENTAL: We had rented out our vehicle (SJJ3207E – Toyota Vios (Gold) to Zulkhairi Bin Amran of NRIC No. S-1xxxxx9/D, for the purpose of doing Uber & Grab. Due to irregularity in rental payments, we had terminated his contract on the 27.09.2017 and had instructed him to return the car. All this was carried out via proper means in accordance to our company’s terms & conditions. It has been 11 days and the above stated person has not returned the car. It’s an offence by law to be in possession of a vehicle without the authorization of the owner of the vehicle.

We had made a police report on the 05.10.2017. The police have classified this case as STOLEN PROPERTY and have tagged the car. Meaning that anyone in possession of the car, is using the car without the legal authorization of our company and should he be stopped by the police, he would be arrested for illegal possession of the car. We are not worried about the outstanding rental payments, the above stated person has, as we would be claiming it via legal means through the State Courts of Singapore. But we are more interested in getting hold of our car as soon as possible. We would appreciate if anyone would contact us @ 9383-8260 should you come across our car or should you have any information of the above stated person. All information would be kept confidential. We have also informed Uber & Grab of this matter.

Besides this particular guy, there has been numerous cases all over Singapore concerning those whom rent private hire vehicles for the purpose of doing Uber & Grab but go missing without paying the rent. This has to stop and this post should reach out to as many people as possible to set as a warning to those whom think they can flee with cars belonging to others. Please be responsible. If you rent our cars, pay your rentals accordingly. Should you have issues, please find a solution to it and do not run away with our cars!



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