VIDEO: The Chilling Moment a Bus Smashes a Car to Smithereens at Gul Junction!

A gripping sight that shocked those who witnessed this traffic accident at the junction of Gul Circle and Gul Way!

The car driver is seeing driving across the juction, when a bus coming from the road on the left crashes into it.

The car is dragged all the way across the road by the force of the crash, and its whole bonnet is wrecked.

This video was taken from the dashcam of a car that had stopped on the opposite side of the traffic juntion.

The video uploaded online by Singapore Reckless Drivers.

It’s unclear for what caused the accident, or whether there are any casualties.

Some say that had both bus and car drivers stopped their vehicles at the “Stop” line to check for traffic before driving forward, the tragedy could have been avoided.

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