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VIDEO: Killer Kitty’s Revenge! Cat Shoved out of Chair Smashes a Pot onto Owner’s Head

If you own a cat, treat it well.

You never know when the furry bastard might turn on you with extreme, malicious vengeance.

Like this cat did.

Killer Kitty obviously wasn’t too happy that its owner shoved it out of its comfy sleeping position in that chair so he could record a video of himself playing the guitar.

As the snubbed feline skulked away, he then kicked the animal in the side.

That gentle kick was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As he sits down playing for the camera, Kitty scampers up the stairs, and kicks a flowerpot off its perch, sending it crashing onto the head of said owner and giving him big headache!

Lesson learnt: Don’t f*ck with bad pussies.

Video is courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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