Caught: Maid Brings Bangla Boyfriend Home Every Night while Employer Sleeps


Happy hour means diffferent things to different people.

For this Indonesian maid, it meant bringing her boyfriend home for a good time between the sheets while her employer was sleeping.

32-year-old housewife Ms Wang said that she hired the maid in November to clean her Bukit Timah condominium and help take care of her 3 toddlers.

“The maid had previously worked in another household for two years. We thought it was good that she had experience so we hired her.”

Everything seemed to be going well for 3 weeks, until one morning when the maid overslept.

“She usually wakes up at 6am to prepare breakfast. That day, even at 7am, we didn’t see her. My husband went to wake her up. When he opened the room door, he got a shock.”

Ms Wang’s husband found a strange man in only his underwear lying in bed with his maid.

His shock turned to anger and he shouted at the man, demanding to know who he was.

He then called the police.

The maid confessed that she had been bringing her boyfriend, a Bangaldeshi national, home every night for the past 2 weeks after everyone had gone to bed.

Contraceptive pills for women were also found in her bedroom.

Police are investigating the matter.

Ms Wang said that she hopes the maid gets repatriated to Indonesia, so that no other employer will suffer the same fate.


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