Changi Airport Doubles Passenger Service Fees to Fund T5 Development

Travellers using Changi Airport will have to pay up to S$62.30 in passenger service fees come 2024 – which is double the current departure charge of S$34

From 1 Jul this year, those flying out of Changi Airport will have to pay S$13.30, which comprises a S$10.80 levy, and a S$2.50 Passenger Service and Security Fee.

Adding this to the current departure charge of S$34, that’ll mean that travellers will need to pay S$47.30 from 1 Jul.

Remember that S$2.50 Passenger Service and Security Fee?

That’ll be increased by another S$2.50 come March 31 2019, and another S$2.50 every year until 2024, which is when the fee will be reviewed (and you pray it doesn’t go up even more lah).

So, come 2024, travellers departing from Changi Airport will expect to pay S$62.30 in passenger service fees.

Transit passengers will not be spared – they will be charged an Airport Development Levy of S$3.

The last time Changi Airport raised passenger service fees was in 2013, as the new T4 and expansion of T1 was in the works.

This time round, the higher fees will go towards paying for the Changi East project, which includes the new T5 as well as the construction of a 3-runway system which started in 2016.


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