Cow Beh Cow Bu


Acceptance of multi-racialism? Sure. Promotion of multi-racialism? Nada.

I’m talking about you, Mediacorp.

Thanks for reinforcing the notion amongst many of our foreign friends tuning in to the New Year Countdown show that Singapore indeed is somewhere in China.


Pre-Countdown, we’ve got a wannabe Brit boyband belting out songs unrecognisable to most locals.

And post-countdown? ABC Wang Lee Hom churning out music reminiscent of China variety shows.

Whatever happened to a Singapore countdown for Singaporeans?

Is the need to impress our China comrades so important that our main broadcast channel sees it fit to neglect our hardened core of Singaporeans?


Come on. What’s the point of grooming our Suria and Vasantham stars if we don’t dare to put them on the big stage?

At least, give us our homegrown, born and bred local boys, who’ll be surefire crowdpleasers (except Gurmit ‘Singapore-Let-Me-Hear-You-Scream’ Singh, please).

Singaporean viewers like these talents and root for them, so shouldn’t we have the chance to reach out to the year ahead together with these celebrities we’ve come to love?


That’s a lot of questions here Mediacorp.

And if you’re going to pat yourself on the back and dodge, then you had better have a ton of hiding places in store.

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