Chinatown Restaurant that Charged Old Lady S$2 to use the Toilet says She was Rude and Not a Customer

Netizen Joey Tolora Peh has cried foul after a restaurant in Chinatown, “Ba Dao Guan”, charged her 62-year-old mother S$2 to use the toilet.

She accused the Chinese staff of “bullying” her mother and said ranted online that Singaporeans should not be bullied by foreigners.

Peh, who has alerted the Singapore Tourism Board to the matter, also threatened that “If nothing gets done, I will not hesitate to take matters into my own hands. You hurt my family, you get my wrath.”

However, the restaurant staff who demanded payment from the elderly lady, said that she wasn’t a customer, and behaved in a rude manner to her.

The staff said that the toilet is free for use for customers, and usually children and the elderly who pass by and need to use the toilet aren’t charged.

But in this instance, the staff said that the lady and her husband acted “dumb” and refused to answer her when she checked if they were customers, then waved her away when they were leaving.

She said this rudeness infuriated her and hence she demanded the S$2 payment, or the cleaning up of the toilet as compensation.

Read the full exchange below. What’s your thoughts?

Joey Tolora Teh:

“Ridiculousness upon ridiculousness! How can we, Singaporeans, get bullied by these ruthless foreigners?? Please share this to raise awareness and boycott this makan place!

Now, I have nothing against foreigners who come to Singapore to work in general but those who bully my family, they have to go through me first. According to my dad, this PRC woman (as circled in the picture with an arrow to her head because she deserves it), tried to get my old parents to pay her $2 just because my mum had to urgently use the toilet at her establishment. My mum has a weak bowel and when she has to go, she has to go, and nobody stopped her when she entered the eating place to use the toilet in the first place. Only after she emerged did this PRC woman try to physically restrain her and tell my parents to pay her $2 for the usage of her toilet and if not, my mother (62 years old, c’mon!), had to clean the toilet as repayment (wtf?). I know my parents, they are the sweetest couple you know. When my dad finally relented and gave her the $2, the PRC woman gave him a smirk of victory and walked away.

Singapore Tourism Board , Chinatown Singapore , seriously, is this the way you wish for our country to be portrayed to the rest of the world? And for us Singaporeans to be so openly bullied by such foreigners, it’s pure outrage! Even if not us, I’m sure they will try their tactics on other unknowing foreigners who walk in to use their facilities.

I want an answer to this and I want something done to this woman in the picture. What she did may have caused grievous hurt to my mum and it is NOT acceptable to me AT ALL! If nothing gets done, I will not hesitate to take matters into my own hands. You hurt my family, you get my wrath.”

Ba Dao Guan Staff:

“Customers use our toilet for free. They were not our customers. The lady suddenly walked from outside the shop into the toilet while her husband stood at the side. I asked the husband what was going on and he acted dumb and refused to answer me.

Ten minutes later, the lady came out of the toilet and they started to leave. I walked up to them and asked why they entered our restaurant to use the toilet. They just shook they head at me.”

That’s why I asked them to pay, otherwise help me to clean the toilet. After all our staff need to clean the toilet and we have to pay for toiletries.”

I was very angry that they were so rude. Instead of asking me, they just barged into my shop. Usually, when its children or elderly folks, we don’t mind and just let them use the toilet at no charge.”



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