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IN PICTURES: Navy Chiobu Clarie Teo Answers 30 Sane to Siao Personal Questions

She comes from a convent school background (Kellock and CHIJ St Theresa’s), graduated with a diploma in Marine Engineering, joined the Singapore Navy and became a Military Expert (ME1).

On the personal side, 22-year-old Navy poster girl Clarie Acacia Teo (born on 30th June) is an introvert at heart, a fiesty peranakan and counts her mom amongst the people she respects most.

Oh yes, and if you’re thinking of chasing Clarie, good luck. She’s got a Gold for IPPT, and dating an officer from the army’s Armoured regiment.

Here’s 30 questions with as replied by Claire on, from the sane and strange, to the downright siao (yeah, see what people get up to when given the chance to ask questions anonymously!)


First off, the SANE Questions

(1) How do you described your personality?
Fucked up. hahaha

(2) Your top 5 character traits? 🙂

(3) if you were to give up navy for your family/spouse/children in the future, would you?
It has to be a very valid reason to which why I have to sacrifice my job! It’s my rice bowl so I don’t think I will give up so easily! 🙂 But of course I am not so work minded or driven, family of course do come first.

(4) What habit that others have annoys you most?
Most? hmm rudeness, especially those commuters with bad behavior! and I can’t stand people shaking their legs..

(5) What do you do if you have to work together with someone you hate?

I am already working together with someone I hate. I either totally ignore that person, don’t even care about him and do what I need to do

(6) Hello! Just wanna ask how did you get into the navy and at what age/ after what qualifications did you do so!
Hello, I got the scholarship after my Olevel results, my L1R4 was 8! after that, I was bonded during my polytechnic studies and enlisted after graduating!

(7) What are your major goals in life?
To be happy, to be strong, to be loved and to fulfill my dreams.

(8) What’s your ideal man?( ideal not perfect)‎ 
hmmm…. very cliche but someone who accepts my flaws and love me for who I am. and of course someone who is patient, understanding, jovial, loving and caring

(9) When do you want to get married and how many children do you consider having?
I always wanted 2! one daughter and one son! hahaha to which how old, I have my own life plans and dreams, but not necessarily to follow, it’s just a guide to my life! and I would say I want to marry around 28-30 🙂

(10) Your thoughts on the racial discrimination in our Navy? No political correctness please, flipped off a few naval personnel because of that.
I honestly never really understood the true reason behind such an act, but I believe there must be a reason strong enough to justify. Then again, I don’t see it as racial discrimination, because the Navy does have Malays and Indians in our bases. And there are actually more and more CDS from the Malay community.
Don’t get me wrong.


Now the Strange

(11) How do you smell like?
My shower foam? No?

(12) If i was your slave what would be the most disgusting thing you make me to do ,boss ?
good question, I honestly don’t know. but as for my current job, it would be to clear a toilet bowl full of shit.

(13) Why don’t you go get baptised? What church do you go? What if you die at sea how to settle your dead body? Throw at sea? GET YOURSELF BAPTISED!!???
hmmm…… can I not answer such questions

(14) Hey just asking do you usually hold in your fart? Please don’t mind me asking you this question
I don’t like releasing my fart in crowded places or sometimes if I have to, I will. but I don’t have lots of gas to release so I seldom encounter.

(15) if you had to choose, would you rather make out with a frog? or step on it? XD
Ouch, why does it have to be a frog.
Firstly, making out with it is a definite no. I will never do that, so don’t expect me to do it….
Secondly, stepping on it will take its life away. So no way either…

(16) thongs or gstrings?

(17) Guards or commando?
Commando? 🙂

(18) Hi do you smoke .. cos your smoking hot
Hahahahahaa what kind of line is that. No I don’t

(19) Does your friends around you dislike ns or can’t wait to ord? How do you deal with them (guys) when the whine?
Hmm yes, I have encounter quite a lot of people like that, even regulars! Hmm, I just listen to their whines? otherwise, I will whine along too. Hahahaha

(20) What flavour of cream you like , chocolate , vanilla , strawberry , orange
Hmm strawberry? I can’t consume chocolate and I don’t like orange less the fruit itself.


And finally, people really ask Clarie some real crazy shit, but this girl can hold her own!

(21) You ever heard/kena the rectal probe thermometer?

(22) Can i kiwi your boots with my tongue
Hahaha no thank you. I don’t need to kiwi my boots!

(23) how do you feel about your small boobs?
proud of it actually. nothing to be ashamed

(24) Color of bra now?
I only wear dark colour lingerie in the military

(25) If a guy were to buy you a vibrator as birthday present, would you accept it?
HAHAHAHHA no one offered me such gifts before, I’ll prolly laugh and say thanks,

(26) have you gone a day without panties?

(27) how would you react if you’re walking home and you see a man jogging in white tights that are now transluscent due to the perspiration
I will ignore and continue doing what I was doing?

(28) Are you a virgin? Hahaha
I have many virgin experiences. Virgin experiences to skiing/ skating/ cycling/ roller coaster rides/ etc. Counted?

(29) Teo i wanna lick off discharge and yellow powdery stuff mixed together on the mid of your dirty panty
you are disgusting….. my lingerie aren’t dirty, don’t worry. you aren’t a dog so don’t lick on dirt

(30) How to make friends with girls as pretty as you?
Hahahaha be yourself 🙂












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