Chopper-Wielding Chicken Seller Charges at Fruit Seller but Slips and Falls Before He Could Attack


Major drama yesterday morning (15 May) at the Holland Village wet market!

A chopper-wielding chicken seller charged at his kaki of over 20 years for reasons uncertain, but slipped and fell before he could attack him.

The incident took place at around 11am.

The 57-year-old fruit seller, Mr Zheng, said that when he arrived at his stall, the chicken seller started scolding him for no apparent reason.

He then went to the toilet, and when he came out he saw the 48-year-old chicken seller charging at him holding the chopper.

Mr Zheng picked up a nearby stool and threw it at the chicken seller.

At that moment, the chicken seller slipped and fell and the stool came crashing down on him.

Mr Zheng then pinned him to the ground.


Some aunties, enthralled by the gu huo zai gone wrong clash, came over to lend a hand.

Among them was an aunty from the chicken stall, who took the knife from chicken seller.

The whole incident was caught on the wet market’s CCTV cameras.

The chicken seller is believed to have been a little tipsy when he commenced his chopper-wielding stunt.

He has been arrested on the charge of criminal intimidation and police are investigating the incident.

Mr Zheng says he has known the chicken seller for over 20 years.

He said that besides a fruit stall, he also owns a vegetable stall and sometimes the chicken seller would help him with vegetable deliveries.

But, the chicken seller stopped helping him with the deliveries lately, saying the vegetables were too “heavy”.

Mr Zheng said that he then stopped giving him Styrofoam boxes to store his chickens.

He believes that’s how the dispute started.



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