Cleaning Supervisor Dragged His Step-Daughter Out of Religious Class to Rape Her


He began sexually abused his step-daughter when she was just 8 years old, and the abuse continued for 4 years.

One time, he even dragged her out of a mosque where she was attending religious classes so he could rape her.

Today, the Step-Dad From Hell was sentenced to 28 years in jail and 24 strokes of the rotan.

Step-Dad From Hell cannot be named due to a court gag order to protect the identity of his victim.

In 2011, he married the victim’s mother and moved in to live with her, the victim, and the victim’s half-sister.

One night, when the victim was 8 years old, she was rudely awoken by someone touching her and got a shock to find out it was Step-Dad From Hell.

He threatened to divorce her mother if she told anyone, so she shut up about what he had done.

But the sexual abuse only got worse from then on.

Once, he showed up at the mosque where the girl was attending religious classes and offered to walk her home, on the pretext of counselling her about a spat with her mother.

After they reached home, he locked the gate, slapped her and ordered her to go to the bedroom where he raped her.

Step-Dad from Hell would usually rape his daughter when they were alone at home, or when the rest of the family was sleeping.

Sometimes, she would scream while he was raping her, but he made her keep mum by repeating his threat to divorce her mother.

The sexual abuse came to light in March 2015, when the girl, then 12 years old, fled while Step-Dad From Hell had left for a moment to throw away a used condom.

Step-Dad From Hell lied to the police at first, denying all allegations of rape, and later blamed the girl for “seducing” him by exposing herself while she was asleep.

He even dug up her Facebook posts in an attempt to show that she was “not a good girl”.

That didn’t fly with the law, and Step-Dad from Hell would have been given a higher sentence had he not pled guilty and spared the victim a trial.

The girl, now 15 years old, is living with her maternal grandmother.


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