Cow Beh Cow Bu


Mr Lui Tuck Yew could be mistaken for a Britney Spears fan.

And he’s probably been playing “Oops I Did It Again” on overdrive in whatever car he drives.

Here’s the new, higher COE prices, after all the promises of “price moderations”.


Category A

Perhaps the only drop amongst all the categories, though still terribly high.

$72,369 now, a drop of $1633.


Category B

The premium of big cars is now $78,700.

That’s an increase of $3000.


Category C

Premiums for commercial vehicles has hit $48,889.

That’s a $888 increase (which coincides perfectly with our Lunar New Year festivities).


Open Category

$79,000 — which makes this $1500 more than the last premium.



Going at $1989 — a $177 increase.

Doesn’t sound like much, but consider the proportionate increase.



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