ComfortDelGro to Introduce Dynamic Pricing aka “Surge Pricing” for its Taxis

ComfortDelGro will introduce Dynamic Pricing for its fleet of 23,000 taxis starting from next Friday (19 Jan).

Dynamic Pricing, aka “Surge Pricing” entails that when demand is high, fare prices go up too)

Of course, it also means fares could be lower than metered rates during off-peak hours (but we all know taxi companies and their pattern lah).

The dynamic pricing option for ComfortDelGro taxis will be offered through the Uber app, and a new UberFlash function.

Commuters requesting a ride will be matched with the nearest ComfortDelGro taxi or Uber private-hire car.

UberFlash charges a base fare of S$3, with a per kilometre rate of 45 cents.

In comparison, the metered rates for ComfortDelGro taxis are higher – a base fare of between S$3.20 and S$3.90, and a distance charge that works out to 55 cents a kilometre for the first 10km, and 63 cents per kilometre thereafter.

Commuters who aren’t keen on using UberFlash can still hail taxis by the street, or book a taxi through ComfortDelGro’s booking app or hotline and pay a metered fare.

The Dynamic Pricing move comes after ComfortDelGro acquired a 51 per cent stake in Uber’s rental car subsidiary, Lion City Holdings.

That deal is still under review by the Competition Commission of Singapore.


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