Commuters Drenched at Yishun MRT Station Complain: “Build Shelter that Cannot Shelter for What?”


Commuters at Yishun MRT were drenched on Tuesday evening as heavy rains pelted several parts of Singapore.

At about 5pm, strong winds blew rain at peak-hour commuters who were standing at the station platform.

Commuters were struck by rain blown straight in their face, or deflected off the top of trains that stopped at the platform.

Naturally, many weren’t expecting that.

Some even tried using umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain, but were still unable to avoid getting soaked.

Said Ng Hao Yi:

“Like that, build shelter that cannot shelter for what?”

The roof of Yishun MRT extends only up to the doors of trains that stop at the platform.

Said Sharon Sim:

“It’s an old station. Maybe the LTA should relook the design of the station and make improvements where necessary.”

Tuesday saw flash floods hit the Seletar region, which borders Yishun.

People in the Yishun Seletar and Sengkang reported being hit by hail, aka “ice rain”.



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