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Concession? Don’t Bluff Lah!

Public transport will soon become more affordable for average Singaporeans who don’t earn half as much as Anton Casey and need to take twice as many showers to wash the stench of trains from their buttocks.

Frequent public transport users (or very smelly people in Casey-ish) can apply for an Adult Monthly Travel Card and enjoy unlimited rides on buses and trains for $120 a month. Of course, as it is with most Singapore things, restrictions apply.

The question is, how much will such a pass relieve the burden of costs on commuters?

Let’s take the most expensive SMRT train ticket at $1.90 per ride. Supposing one travels from Jurong East to Changi Airport and back home again, he should pay a total of $3.80. (good luck my friend, long journey, must bathe properly –love, Anton)

Per month, that will cost our dear friend $114. Of course, people  don’t just go to work and go home, they go places as well. But with basic fare tickets priced at $1.10, how much can our dear friend realistically hope to save even with this new concession card?

We’re talking about public transport, the one medium which people who don’t have Anton-style Porsches need to rely on. Surely with the mega millions in the bank, and more millions to come with an impending fare hike, public transport operators can do more to help the average Singaporean?

Maybe, SMRT and SBS can organise a Free-Soap Day giveaway. At least we’ll receive something useful which won’t break down for once.

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