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5 Reasons the MND Just Shot the Gahmen in the Foot with its Columbarium Statement


The MND just shot the gahmen in the foot, and it’s not even the defence ministry with all the big guns and navy chiobu Clarie Teo!

And the MND comes out smelling like roses while everyone else reeks of dung.

If Xiaxue wrote this, all her middle fingers would probably come out by now.

Wah lau eh…

In essence, the MND just released a statement detailing that “evil corp” gets the boot and saintly religious groups will now get to develop the upcoming temple at Fernvale.

But like a deal with the devil, the MND gave said “evil corp” some grave space to build a columbarium, to it agreed to terminate the contract which it signed with our building authorities to develop that initial temple into a commercial columbarium cum temple.

So what’s so bad about the MND’s statement?

Nothing wrong, but it just dug deeper graves for everyone else involved.

(1) How can Gahmen anyhow let anyone suka suka bid and build?

Read: “EPL’s bid was not in line with the Government’s plan for the site”

The MND says the gahmen’s plan was “always to award the site to a religious organization or its affiliates.”

See where I’m heading…

Then how the hell did it award the contract to a company that was anything but that, while saying “too bad your bid not good enough” to the very obvious religious groups that also bidded?

And later on, how the hell did the HDB and URA manage to stick by and justify their decision to give the contract to a profit-seeking entity?

(2) More Zhu Ying Tai Wayang?

redwire singapore khaw sengkang columbarium
All of a sudden, the MND says it will “restore” the Fernvale Link site to the “original planning intention of a Chinese Temple development.”

It’s a very confusing statement.

Does that mean somewhere along the line some bugger got greedy and decided, “to hell lah, highest bidder bid so much, just give it to them lah. Got money don’t want to make, you siao ah?”

(3) Oh yeah, and that Lam Pin Min Song-and-Dance

Was Dr Lam clueless about the plan all along… until now? (bodoh)

Did he discover the “original” plan midway, then try to wayang Fernvale residents? (bo beh zhao)

Did have full knowledge of everything and not cow beh about this, and choose to wayang residents? (bo integrity)

Or did Dr Lam just not care and do what a good “Yes Man” should? (bo chup)

(4) What about the “lying” accusations?

Residents complained that they were not informed about the columbarium development.

The HDB and URA say “Read your brochures, we told you okay…”

But the information on a columbarium development was buried and very hard to find.

No word on that from the MND, and Eternal Pure Land still gets to build their columbarium.

Are we going to expect from of such antics from our home-builders since they haven’t been taken to task, at least publicly?

Justice must not only be served, it must be seen to be served…

(5) S$1 Company also can bid?

I thought we should all have had enough of S$1 firms after the AIMS saga.

But now the gahmen is OK with another one-buck company bidding for a gahmen development?

Where’s the accountability?

See what happened to LTA – S$500 mil gone down the drain and 3 months construction delay after its Austrian Downtown Line builder declared bankrupt.

If the S$1 buck company can’t deliver, who’s going to be at the losing end?

Residents lah.

And the gahmen – which also means Singaporeans on the whole.

Then how ah?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. andrewtungsk

    May 10, 2015 at 3:51 am

    He even said Accept it and move on. I can remember it very clearly.

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