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After Getting LTA Officer Arrested, Abusive Uber Uncle Now Looking to Get Off Scot-Free

RONALD LEE: He who fights and runs away, lives to fight again on social media and in the press – a modern variation of a very old saying.

Now, the aggressive and abusive Uber Uncle who got hantam-ed by an LTA officer has to watch his back in case he gets hauled up by the law too.

This comes after a scuffle on Friday night (27 Nov) where the Uber driver first behaved in a hostile manner towards the LTA officer, got whacked by him, and fought back.

The LTA officer has been suspended from his job, and arrested for affray by the police.

Which is why Uber Uncle has to watch his back – because for affray, it takes two hands to clap.

And which is possibly why he’s out playing the sympathy card now.

First, by highlighting how he got kicked while on the ground.

“I’ve never felt so helpless before,” cries Uber Uncle to the press, following the incident in which he was clearly recorded behaving in a threatening manner towards the LTA officer first, hurling vulgarities at him.

Then, Uber Uncle pulls out the “heng ah” card with profuse gratitude for the man who stopped the fight, saying “I think if it were not for (the passer-by), my head might have been hit and I would be dead.”

The only problem is, the man who stopped the fight says that after he separated them, Uber Uncle started throwing punches at the LTA officer, such that he had grab him and drag him away.

So much for the victim card this uncle has tried to play.

And to up the pity ante, Uber Uncle even got a sob story in to his female passenger, whose account of the events that night appears skewed at best, and a blatant lie at worse.

The man who stopped the fight, Dew Francis, gave this account of how the incident started:

“I was waiting for a friend and I saw the Uber driver trying to enter the taxi lane, but the LTA officer tried to stop him. The Uber driver then winded down his window and started shouting at the officer. Both of them started to argue and the LTA officer turned his back at him and went back to work. The Uber driver got out of his vehicle and wiped his number plate and called the officer to summon him. The officer ignored him at first but he started to get angry. The Uber driver then whispered something at him and the two started to fight and shout vulgarities at each other.”

Very different from Amber Pek’s “LTA officer shouted at everyone then behaved in a menacing manner towards Uber Uncle” tale.

And if you were to visit her Facebook page, she’s since taken down her post.

Now, Uber Uncle says he wants to give up driving because he’s afraid her might kena hantam again, which will deprive his family of income.

Oh no.

So, Uber Uncle goes all vulgar on LTA officer, gets whacked, fights back, then throws the first punch and tries to start a new fight after the two have been separated.

Doesn’t sound very much like a victim.

Sure, the LTA officer must be disciplined because he should have exercised more discipline as befitting his uniform (and besides it isn’t right to whack people, anyhow).

But two wrongs don’t make a right.

If both men are in the wrong, both should face punishment.

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