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Aljunied Flyer-Drop: The First Step Towards a First World Parliament


PAP politicians cast the first stone at the Workers’ Party, with their allegations of fund mismanagement and allusion to corruption over the AHPETC affair. National Development Minister even issued a veiled challenge, speaking about how the Japanese would commit suicide out of honour if they made mistakes.

Next up, PAP branch manager Victor Lye and his activist pals who, acting on their own initiative, gave out flyers in Aljunied GRC, highlighting what they believe are facts pointing to how AHPETC leaders overpaid on estate management fees to benefit their friends who were hired to manage the estate.

That was our first step towards the First World Parliament which the WP spoke of during the last General Elections 4 years ago.

You see, the police say that the distribution of flyers was not an offence. In that case, there will be no prosecution of Victor and pals. Let’s take a look at why this could be the case, despite many baying for blood and condemning the flyer-drop as illegal.

Victor and Pals (quite a catchy TV show name) included in the flyers about the supposed fund mismanagement information which argued their case. They supported that with figures and charts. It was a rational, and reasonable move to persuade Aljunied residents that their elected representatives weren’t up to the mark.

If AHPETC leaders disputed what was stated in the flyers, they have legal recourse. We’ve seen how Prime Minister Lee has sued Roy Ngerng for defamation. Victor and Pals could go the way of the late, poor  J B Jeyeratnam – bankrupt.

In the same coin, the door is now open for those in the opposition camp to criticise the management of PAP run town-councils. The condition – anything said must be backed by facts, and not emotionally-charged slurs. Do the research, show the figures, and tell Singaporeans. Then sit back and let Singaporeans think and decide.

Attack the policy, but don’t resort to personal attacks on people.

Very often, we see angry rants at the ruling party popping up in online comments. Some are vulgar, some are more disgusting than that. What does that serve? Many Singaporeans are unhappy with the way Singapore is run – about 40% of our total voting population. They want a change.

The best way to bring about that change is to prove that the current management is ineffective, and that change would be better for Singaporeans.

We’re a thinking people. We’ll know when people are swishing bullshit.

Also, police said Victor and Pals’ act of distributing those flyers isn’t illegal.

This means that if there’s a point to be made, it can be done in this way so that more Singaporeans can hear of it.

We’re very conscious about OB markers (out-of bounds markers, which means how far you can go before you kena hammered by the powers that be) here in Singapore. Victor and Pals have just defined for us what the OB markers are when it comes to rational and reasonable political discussion.

So let’s pat them on the back and take up that challenge, whether you’re pro-government or pro-opposition. Call out the government on its mistakes, and likewise, correct the opposition if they’re talking through their noses.

This freedom of reasonable discourse and the right to promote it is the first step towards a First World Parliament.

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