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“Animalistic” of Netizens to Attack Channel NewsAsia over Harmless Job Ad

Politics fans strong sentiments and provokes the meekest of people to speak out. And, it’s a pretty polarising topic. State media, better known as the mouthpiece of the government, receives some of the greatest stick from armchair politicians. If we call ourselves a democracy, everyone should be entitled to their opinions.

Along with democracy must come graciousness. The rabid comments on a simple job posting on Facebook by Channel NewsAsia makes me doubt if some of my countrymen should be allowed to mouth off in the public sphere.


Let’s call a spade a spade. This talk doesn’t add value to any discussion. This talk is fuelled by hatred, not good sense. And, these laptop critics seem to miss the point of the Channel NewsAsia post – it’s an ad, not a discussion topic.


This Burger King ad is polarising and whether or not it is sexually degrading towards women is up for debate. The text by Channel NewsAsia, “We’re looking for experienced editors/journalists… for our digital desk” isn’t debatable. It’s plain in its intent. Yet, look at the comments received.


There’s an angle to every story. People take sides. State media takes the side of the government at times, or most of the time – it’s the paymaster of our newsmen. At least, the newsmen put forward sensible arguments. If we are not convinced, we should put forward our own arguments in return.

We’re lucky to have many good internet writers who do. Finance guru Leong Sze Hian, TOC chief Choo Zeng Xi, former Straits Times Editor Bertha Henson, political commentator Andrew Loh, to name a few.

But the incivility of the few sometimes sullies the commendable works of the many. And it’s probably this few that deserves to be shackled for their animalistic reflex. As much as some in Singapore say they want democracy, can they handle what comes with it?

The opinions expressed in this story are those Redwire Times Singapore Editor, John Wong. You can call him a cowboy, or a ch**bye. Just don’t make him listen to Celine Dion on repeat.


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