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Bus Swerve Leaves Wheelchair-Bound Elderly Lady with Bloody Gash; Driver Unapologetic

PATRICK YEO: My elderly 82 year old mother riding on the bus in her wheelchair, was thrown down, together with the wheelchair, when the bus driver made a rapid sharp turn.

The force of the fall opened up a large bloody gash on her head which required several stitches to close.

Thank God that there were no other compilations and that she was not thrown out of the bus when the doors swung open on impact with the wheelchair.

The wheelchair was not secured to the wheelchair bay as it was occupied by a female passenger who selfishly refused to make way.

The driver failed to exercise his authority to remove this person from the bay and ensure the wheelchair was secure before moving off.

To add insult to injury, he later claimed credit by implying that “his bus door” had obstructed my mother from being flung off the bus!

The authorities seem to be distancing itself from the accident and attempts to obtain proper documentation and video footage have been difficult.

Thankfully, we have a witness who is able to refute the driver’s version of the incident and we are now examining the various recourses we have at our disposal.

My mum takes the bus to church every Sunday in her wheelchair, without fail, because it’s very difficult to get a cab from her place.

This happened only a couple of days before the death of a pedestrian at the Punggol interchange.

Please do take the necessary precautions when you have elderly traveling on public transport.

We’re now trying to arrange a regular car hire to send my mum to church on Sundays. Spread the message so that others will not fall victim to this type of gross negligence and lack of empathy.


This story is courtesy of Patrick Yeo.
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