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Dark Past of “New Mobile Air” Owner Revealed. “Ricky” isn’t even His Real Name!

The Sim Lim Square saga is far from over.

New reports have surfaced regarding Mr Ricky Lee, owner of HJ Mobile that took over Jover Chew’s Mobile Air.

Last week Mr Lee took over Jover Chew’s shop, together with its remaining stocks.

However, it was recently revealed that Mr Lee also has a rather shady past.

According to local Chinese media, Ricky Lee is not the real name of HJ Mobile’s owner.

His real name is Edmund Lim Hong Ching. In the past he was also known as “Wilfred”. It is not known why he chose the alias “Ricky Lee”.

Mr Lee also has a history of unpaid debts.

He borrowed money from different organizations in 2010 and has incurred debts amounting to S$10,000.

One year later, after failing to pay off his debts, the exterior of Mr Lee’s Sembawang house was vandalized with paint and set on fire.

He has since moved out of Sembawang.

Mr Lee has been in the mobile phone business for many years.

He opened his own mobile phone shop in 2006, and went on to work at Lucky Plaza after that.

He has also worked at JW World, one of Sim Lim Square’s blacklisted vendors, for three months.

Mr Lee took over Mobile Air following the controversy surrounding Jover Chew’s unfair trade practices.

Mobile Air made headlines in recent weeks after reports of the retailer allegedly scamming two tourists came to light.

One of the tourists, a Vietnamese man, was seen tearfully kneeling down and begging for an iPhone 6 refund after being asked to pay an additional $1,500 for a warranty package.

On the other hand, the other tourist, a Chinese national, was refunded S$1,010 in 5 and 10-cent coins.

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