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Dr Chee Soon Juan: The Ultimate Political Victim, or Singapore’s Most Destructive Force?

I read many comments in social media, needless to say anything about the msm, of views that Chee Soon Juan is a rash young man. Many still remember how he challenged Chok Tong with the remark, ‘Where is our money?’ that led to his defamation suit and bankruptcy. Many would still remember about how an honourable MP went around taking taxis to prove that he cheated a few dollars on taxi claims. Then there was the postage incident.

Take a step back and ask yourself? How serious are these indiscretions? How many of you have made indiscretions in your life that were far worse than these when you were young or in a moment of mischief or rashness? We were all young before. We are bound to make mistakes along our journey in life. I am not sure about people that claimed to have not made any mistakes in their lives. I am very sure that I made many mistakes too, some very silly ones, in my younger days. And even at this age, occasionally I would still make mistakes. I am just an ordinary human bean, not an immortal or god.

Having said that, I think there are really people that don’t make mistakes in their lives at all. These are the demi gods and immortals. They will laugh and sneer at the mortals for all the small mistakes they made. That is the privilege of being demi gods and immortals. They don’t make mistakes, they cannot make mistakes, and if they made mistakes, they make sure that you would not know, or the mistakes were not mistakes and would quickly be forgotten. Then they will walk around with their nose up in the air, snorting around like clean, blameless and sinless human beans. Oops, my apologies, not human beans, but demi gods and immortals.

Come, come, look around, can anyone spot any mistakes made by any demi gods and immortals? Does anyone remember the mistakes they made? No right?

But coming to Chee Soon Juan, everyone seems to remember every fine details of what he did as if they were serious crimes of the century. Heard of yellow ribbons to forgive serious criminals?

Step back and ask yourself why are you acting this way, only seeing the wrongs of one person but not the wrongs of demi gods and immortals. I apologise if you really believe that only human beans like Chee Soon Juan could make mistakes and the demi gods and immortals could not.

Next you will remember Roy Ngerng and Hui Hui for the next 30 years that they heckled and harassed Special Needs Children and were charged in court for being a nuisance in public. Would anyone remember what or who caused them to be charged in court and the slew of mistakes committed by the demi gods and immortals throughout the whole incident? No, yes, no?

Daft Sinkies are very easy to manipulate and plant ideas into their empty heads. For they don’t want to think for themselves and allowed others to tell them what is the truth, what is other people’s truth(OPT). And they would not doubt a bit the OPT that is planted into their heads by other people with other people’s agenda(OPA).

Next time when you think of Chee Soon Juan, please ask yourself why are you thinking that way. If you have really been thinking about the whole issue around him, fair enough. But if it is because other people planted the idea in your head, don’t you think it is time to wash your head with Dettol and cleanse it from OPT? Ask if any demi god and immortal have done anything worst off than what you think Chee Soon Juan had done, and who are they. You need to remember them too to make a sound comparison and judgment of who is the better person and who is the real devil. I mean devils, not demi gods and immortals. Or has the line between devil and goodness been blurred or switched?

Judge Chee Soon Juan objectively, not because other people told you so. He is bad, so he must be bad. That simple? People who have an agenda against him will tell him he is bad and vice versa. You must think for yourself and decide what is good and what is bad in your own interest. I did not say he is good or bad. That is your call.

This commentary was written by Chua Chin Leng.
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