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Fix the Rat Problem in Your GRC First Desmond Before Taking on the Workers’ Party’s Problems

Maybe dear Minister of State Desmond Lee should stop with the Workers’ Party attacks and start dealing with more on-the-ground problems in his GRC.

The rat infestation reported in Bukit Batok is apparently his responsibility to manage. Mr Lee is one of the MPs for Jurong GRC, of which Bukit Batok is a part of (not that we blame you for that, Desmond, but it’s your party that carved the boundaries).

And surprisingly or not, Jurong Town Council’s Bukit Batok office lies just on the opposite side of the MRT station, which is next to the area where the rat infestation has taken place.



More than 50 rats can be spotted if you stand at the spot and count for just 10 minutes, as Redwire has done. And they’re supposed to be vicious. little creatures.

We’re not sure though how many rats there are in total (hell, even the NEA doesn’t know lah, and we’re not an expert national body).

This rat problem, according to some Bukit Batok residents, isn’t new. Some have reportedly complained to their MPs about the problem, but so far they’ve seen no concrete actions taken to deal with rats.


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