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Holy Crap! 3 Recent Shitty Explosions New BTO Homeowners Had to Stomach

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that all new Build-to-Order flats are full of shit, but oh golly did shit hit the fan when it came to these units.

Collecting your house keys should be the pride and joy of every new homeowner.

But for these residents, the experience turned out to be a rather crappy one just a little down the road.

What’s the cause of this mess?

Shoddier workmanship compared to past developments?


More quality control will have to be done on other developments, or some people from the HDB are going to have to start wearing brown pants pretty soon from any shitstorm that angry residents will stir up.

(1) Holy Crap! at Orchid Spring

Incident location: Orchid Spring, Block 430A, at Yishun Avenue 11.
When: January 2015


One unsuspecting resident was about to start her morning right… when she was hit with a foul stench. Walking a couple of steps more, she found the floor of a void deck covered in crap!

A plastic pipe attached to the ceiling had burst, spewing its vile contents all over the ground.

Orchid Spring residents were left puzzled and angry, as the flats had only recently been completed.

The pipe’s function was to carry waste and sewage from apartments to a central sewage system.

It took 3 days before Nee Soon Town Council fixed the shit-conveyor.

In the meantime, residents were advised not to use the toilets, because more crap could pour out while repairs were taking place.

(2) Holy Crap! at ParcVista

Incident Location: Punggol ParcVista, Punggol Way
When: May 2015


A bathroom shit blast of epic proportions that left a new BTO homeowner stunned like vegetable, especially since the keys to the flat were just collected earlier in the year!

The homeowner complained that crap exploded from the toilet bowl and flowed throughout the house.

The  watery trail of shit that stained furniture and everything else it came into contact with.

The homeowner says contractors HDB sent contractors down the same day to carry out cleaning, and it will negotiate compensation.

(3) Holy Crap! at Compassvale

Incident Location: Compassvale BTO Development
When: November 2014



Residents say rumbling sounds were heard from the pipe, before all hell broke loose days later.

Shit stained the walls and ground of the affected area.

What’s worse, poor 2nd floor residents and others in the “area of stink” had to live with the smell of crap wafting through their windows.

The BTO was newly completed, and residents had just begun moving in.

Hopefully, the HDB’s contractors fixed the leak soon enough.



  1. raju

    October 15, 2015 at 10:15 am

    Has to do with quality material used.

  2. Lin

    January 2, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Quality and check on materials are not thorough
    Plus dead line to complete result in shoddy workmsnship

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