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How Many Gahmen Agencies Does it Take to Paint a Zebra Crossing?

This Worker’s Party fellas are damn too much.

They can’t even get a simple thing like painting a faded zebra crossing right.

I mean, who is Victor Lye?

He’s just a branch manager for the PAP branch in Bedok Reservoir.

He’s not even an MP, unlike the Showman Mao or China-Wall Singh.

But then, if even a 52-year-old can see the zebra crossing even when it’s “faded”, like that still must paint meh, Victor?

Yeah lah, of course must paint, it’s part of estate maintenance.

Otherwise why pay the AHPETC managing agent so much until our National Development Minister got to step in and khaw beh khaw bu right?

But then, you say that AHPETC tai chi the responsibility to paint the zebra crossing.

And HDB and LTA also tai chi this, even when this is supposed to be a matter of safety so that some 52-year-old uncle who cannot see the crossing doesn’t langga somebody.

So that’s a lot of red tape just to paint some white stripes right?

Recently PM Lee just repeated that all GRCs will get equal treatment, whether they are managed by the opposition of PAP.

But does this mean residents in all opposition wards will have to put up with this kind of zebra-politics every other day?

Every day, residents must be reminded of who’s black and who’s white?

So has HDB replied on whether it will repaint the zebra crossing?

Because if it still insists that it’s “not within our level responsibility” or some kind of bao ka liao statement, then how?

In the end, we go one big round and still never come to the point, except that everyone looks bad.

Might as well arrange some grassroots level initiative to paint the crossing, since there’s so much manpower available to give out flyers hammering the WP.

That’s called having resident’s safety at heart.

And besides, that’s the first stroke towards painting Aljunied white again, right?



This commentary was written by Shan Ji, who happens to stay in Aljunied and likes to cross the road every now and then.




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