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Impose Nationwide Ban on Naming of Crooks and Culprits to Avoid Breeding “Blame Culture”

XXXXXX LEE: A botak is believed to have humped an oldie-but-goldie grassroots volunteer and resigned, and a by-election will be held anonymously to protect the botak’s identity.

A town council in Singapore mucked up its accounts, but we won’t tell you which one so you’ll have to guess.

A terrorist escaped from a jail cell, but we’re not telling you who in case you find out who was responsible for his escape.

Some SGH staff were punished for their involvement in the Hepatitis C outbreak which saw 25 people infected and 8 people killed.

Is this beginning to sound ludicrous?

We’re not there yet.

What’s more ludicrous is there is no need to name these people to add to their pain and regret – which is the greatest punishment they can receive.

Taking the lead from a high-ranking government official who supervises a certain public sector, our editor is considering implementing a ban on naming crooks and culprits on Redwire.

Why? Because such a move will prevent a blame culture from breeding, and to promote a culture of learning.

I argued that such a lack of transparency and accountability will only make it easier for such people to think they can get away with another muck-up, and another, and another, because there’s no public scrutiny.

Too hell with accountability, said our dear leader, crooks have feelings too.

At the end of the day, I have faith in my editor to do what’s right.

It’s time to lobby the government to impose a nationwide ban on public naming of crooks and culprits, and to fine or jail anyone (quietly, of course) who leaks any information on such people.

I say a nationwide ban because we can’t have double standards where only people at the top are protected and blue-collar bastards are shamed.

Both groups deserve equal opportunities to learn and be shielded from blame.

In the event that Singaporeans of the future crush this scheme for being totally absurd, that’s fine.

They can go headhunting through history, but they’ll never know who’s responsible for it.

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