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Only Attas Ang Mohs, and Artisans get to See Hottest Lang Tong Sex Scenes, After MDA Wields the Knife

Three minutes of explicit sex scenes cut from the theatre screenings of Lang Tong – including the most controversial kuku-kena-potong scene! (Scene where a man’s penis gets snipped, for the ang mohs and other kantangs reading this.)

But, the R21 film was passed uncut by censors for the Singapore Film Festival screening.

How can like that?

That’s the top question on the minds of those who were eager to catch barenaked leading lady Angeline Yap in what’s probably Singapore’s steamiest local film in a long time.

The film revolves around a womaniser and swindler, who meets a woman who can cook a damn shiok bowl of soup.

Soup aside, he sleeps with her younger sister too, and this state of affairs takes a murderous turn later on (remember that penis cutting thing we mentioned earlier?)

The erotica and sex scenes are supposed to be central to the movie, directed by veteran TV man Sam Loh.

Which brings to mind to age-old question – how come by 21 years old, Singaporean men are taught to kill with a knife, gun, smelly socks and the likes, but still cannot watch super hot sex scenes?

Then how are they going to decode covert terrorist messages should the need arise?
(“Terrorists Using Porn Pictures, Ebay Listings to Coordinate Attacks, Claims New Book on Mossad”

Also, the MDA never heard of the internet ah?
(“Singaporean Children As Young as 7-Years-Old View Porn, More than 50% of Children Watch or Read Porn”

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