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Would You Let SAFVC Soldiers Fire Live Rounds after Just 4 Weeks Training?

WOON WEE MIN: It is welcome news that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Volunteer Corps has finally been established, and at an opportune time.

The first batch of volunteers will be enlisted next year, when we celebrate SG50. This truly marks Singapore as a global, cosmopolitan state where foreigners are welcome to contribute in every possible way to demonstrate their commitment to the nation. I am sure these volunteers will take heed of the expectation that they uphold our ethos and military professionalism.

Although the four-week training and the annual call-up period of seven days they go through pale in comparison with the two years of blood, sweat and tears and the annual in-camp training every Singaporean son goes through, no contribution is too small.

However, it is a little disconcerting that some of them will be allowed to potentially fire live rounds after up to only four weeks of training when one considers that the SAF’s Basic Military Training is for three months.

Still, I am certain the SAF has considered this carefully and will fastidiously calibrate this so its volunteers who are allowed to bear arms are properly assessed, selected, trained and managed, including within the disciplinary framework based on military law.

Let us welcome the men and women of the SAF Volunteer Corps.

This letter was written by Woon Wee Min.
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