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LTA’s “Delusional” Public Transport Ads are a Slap in the Face for Daily Hard-Pressed Commuters

ELSON: I drive to work now because I have to be many places in the course of a day. Before that, I used to take the train, and nowadays I still do sometimes. Despite the grand schemes and extolled improvements of the public transport system, nothing has changed. That’s what I gather from personal experience, and the constant complaining of friends and relatives – it’s still jam-packed, and you’re lucky if there’ no train delay or disruption.

When I first saw this new ad by the Land Transport Authority, my first thoughts were “kee siao”, “delusional”, and “totally out of touch with reality”. Or, maybe they’re just trying to show the good side lah, I’d be hard-pressed to find any Singaporean worker or student who can relate to that whole “We’re carefree because we’re car-free” slogan.

Back in my earlier working days, I was hard-pressed against the sweaty young student in front of me (unfortunately, a school boy), and the armpit of the banker behind me (also, unfortunately a man). Now, when I take the train at 6pm, it’s the same thing . Only the characters differ.

Here’s some shots. No, they’re showing a normal day’s transit, not the crowd during a train disruption.

Maybe the LTA got hoodwinked by SMRT CEO Desmon Kuek’s MRT travels, where people really can chill and chat. Sadly, this isn’t the reality.

I very much prefer the “We’re working on it” ads seen around MRT stations in Singapore. At least it shows that the guys in transport understand the plight of commuters. Those ads also don’t take us for idiots, or act as a wayang-front for tourists.

It looks like besides the train disruptions, the LTA also has to work on its ads. Either that or someone has to constantly holler Jack Neo movie titles in the ears of the top execs, movie titles such as “I Not Stupid”.

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