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May Day Rally 2014 a Disappointing No-Show

Some 600 people attended the May Day Rally at Hong Lim Park yesterday – a far cry from the 4000 that showed up for the same demonstration last year. Have Singaporeans grown tired of such protests, or apathetic to the issues raised? Even the population White Paper protests last year drew some 6000 people according to organisers, Transitioning.


But for all it was worth, speakers like Gilbert Tan and Leong Sze Hian spoke out articulately and with much gusto about the need to amend government policy to curtail the number of foreign hires, and free up more jobs for Singaporeans.


The speakers made sure to emphasises that Singaporeans aren’t anti-foreigners, or xenophobic. Rather, our anger is directed at flawed government policies which are depriving the Singaporean worker of fair opportunities and wages. Some like blogger Roy Ngerng suggested that things might be better if the PAP was voted out in the next General Election.


All pertinent topics, and issues which we can relate to in our daily squeeze. But when it came to standing up for the rights of Singaporeans, where was the rest of Singapore?


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