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MOM and MOE Must Work Together to Weed Out Bogus Degrees

JACKSON: It is a big disgrace to see bogus degree qualifications on any respectable resume.

This is especially so when Singapore places so much emphasis on quality education for our children.

Already, it takes at least 6 years for Singaporean youth to obtain a good honours university degree, if they spend 2 years in junior college and 4 more years in university.

More stringency must be exercised then, when it comes to applications to work in the public sector, or to obtain citizenship, PR or work permits in Singapore.

The relevant government agencies such as the MOM and MOE should at least set up an online portal which lists degree mills.

The list must continue to be updated with time, as more degree mills sprout.

This will benefit employers, as a quick check will be able to tell if someone is applying for a job with a bogus degree.

Also, companies, whether private or public, cannot feign ignorance when questioned why they hired someone with dubious qualifications.

Bogus degrees cast a big shadow of doubt on a person’s honesty and integrity, and I wouldn’t like to see holders of such degrees profiting at the expense of Singaporeans, whether they are foreigners or locals.

The MOM cannot just brush such an issue aside, like new MOM chief Lim Swee Say did with his latest comments on how degree mill holders are still acceptable because they are assessed on salary and experience.

If someone cannot be trusted with small things, how can they be trusted with bigger things?


This commentary was written by Jackson.
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