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NATIONAL DAY PREVIEW: Singapore Flag Sotongs!

Some people, you just can’t trust to sit the right way on a toilet bowl. These are probably the same people who can’t hang a flag right. I mean, how difficult is it to hang a flag right, right? Unless, of course, your sole aim is to give a big middle finger f*ck you to the Singapore government and Singaporeans in general. Please leave your name and number together with an attached picture of you sh*tting up your Singapore flag-hanging. We’ll send the nearest ISD agent over to whoop your sorry ass. Cheeky bastards.



Computer engineers are not necessarily civil engineers.


We shouldn’t hang our national flag on our national disgrace.


Someone’s been staring in the mirror too long


People’s Association members trying to be funny?


No matter how you try, it’s hard to put the “sexy” in Singapore lah


This one definitely Bangla trying to be funny!

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