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NEA Neglects 10-Year Complaints of Dirty Toilets but Forces On Us Ineffective Tray Return Scheme

HAROLD CHAI: For years, dirty toilets have been among the biggest complaints of diners who frequent hawker centres and coffeeshops.

The latest findings of a nationwide study by SMU show that diners satisfaction with the cleanliness of these toilets is as bad as it was in 2020 and 2016.

Dirty toilets raise health concerns, because those who use hawkers and stall assistants use the toilets, and then handle our food.

We saw how bad the situation became during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the government encouraged people to wash their hands with soap to get rid of germs.

People reported the perennial problem of there not being soap in dispensers, or soap that was so watered down you might as well just use water only.

But for close to 10 years, the issue of dirty toilets has been conveniently ignored by the government.

Instead of finding a solution to this problem, Amy Khor and her NEA stooges implement a tray return system that makes things worse for diners in terms of convenience and cleanliness.

The scheme has also jacked up prices for diners because of the higher cleaning fees hawkers have to pay.

Just because people can only afford to eat at hawker centres and not restaurants means they deserve to eat in dirty and unhygienic conditions?

There is no clearer sign to indicate that the government has lost touch with the ground.

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