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Neglecting Grandma for Gadgets: How Many Of Us are Guilty of This?

JESHUA: Spotted, a grandma sitting quietly at the corner of the table with her family, together but at the same time, alone.

Everyone else seems to be too busy with their iPads and phones for the past hour.

She’s been trying to keep herself busy too – by changing sitting positions, frequent yawns, staring out into space and the occasional smiles she makes when she catches her grandchildren laughing at some videos on the gadgets.

Not a single word has been said to her ever since she stepped into this place.

Typical weekend, of course.

Nothing out of the norm, totally acceptable.

DISCLAIMER: Before anything gets out of hand, just wanted to emphasise that this post is never meant to shame any particular individual.

My intention is to serve it as a reminder to all, even myself!

When I reflect back the times I spent with my grandma, I know there were many moments where I could have done better.

But that opportunity has been taken away from me more than a year ago.

So for those who are sharing this post, please share it with good intentions.

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This commentary was written by Jeshua.
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