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AHPETC Lapses: Vindictiveness Will Only Backfire for the PAP in Aljunied

They stole national attention and cast doubts on the Workers’ Party’s credibility as a capable force to manage town councils, much less a nation.

If only they had stopped at that and took a gracious step back.

Instead, PAP parliamentarians wanted blood, and that lust to deal one fatal swipe might just be a fatal blow for the party as it tries to reclaim lost ground.

Strike One for the PAP

K Shanmugam called out AHPETC management on overpayments which dragged on unnoticed for 4 years, racking up S$6 million in the process which could have been put to better use.

Sam Tan put Pritam Singh in his place with his “I’m an Aljunied resident” comeback when Mr Singh said he only needed to answer to Aljunied residents (one wonders why he even uttered that in parliament).

And Khaw Boon Wan stated that that the government will need to police town councils better to ensure proper fund management.

Strike Out for the PAP

Did Mr Khaw have to go further by issuing what could be perceived as a threat by Aljunied residents? By that, I mean the possibility that AHPETC will be denied  S&C grants to the tune of about S$7 million per year?

It sounds appropriate – cruelly appropriate.

Even if a one-eyed panda were to run AHPETC, it just isn’t right that residents have to suffer for its failings.

Let’s not forget the numerous incidents involving PAP-managed wards involving leaders that didn’t make the grade.

Residents there weren’t penalised for their failings.

Hitting a Homerun

Now if the ruling party had said that it would investigate the WP’s failings further and keep their top brass in check while supporting AHPETC residents, I’m sure those residents would be hard-pressed to find fault with the PAP.

Opposition supporters might even think twice come the next General Election.

Instead, we now have a scenario where Aljunied residents have their backs to the wall and have to live with the worry that upgrading projects won’t be finished, and that social support might be cut due to lack of funds.

And we have the WP looking once again like the underdog standing up to an unjust and merciless government machine that too makes mistakes sometimes.

A dog that’s cornered bites back at its aggressor.

Aljunied residents are much more than mere mongrels.

What do you think they will do, Mr Khaw?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    February 13, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    By withholding 7 millions from AHPE town council funds, what is the difference when PAP withheld upgrading in oppo wards during LKY and WoodyGoh’s times? Didn’t. paP make about turns subsequently on the upgrading issues when that policy backfired !

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