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Top 10 Policies that Benefited Singaporeans in 2014, According to the PAP!

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Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party has posted this list of top 10 policies it introduced which it believes will benefit Singaporeans in 2014 on its Facebook page. It added that it’s looking forward to 2015.

1. Pioneer Generation package

More than 450,000 senior citizens, aged 65 and above and those who became Singapore Citizens before 1987, benefitted from the $8 billion Pioneer Generation package.

The package included subsidised medical and dental treatments for our pioneers. It also included Medisave Top-ups and lower premiums for the new insurance scheme, Medishield Life, which will be rolled out in 2015.
2. ASPIRE (Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE review)

Provided more emphasis on skills and job performance. It also advocated guidance and various pathways to Poly and ITE students to enhance their skills and qualifications.

3. SkillsFuture Council

The Council, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, will develop a system comprising education, training and career progression for all Singaporeans. It will also promote industry support for Singaporeans to advance based on their skills. A culture of lifelong learning will also fostered.

4. Enhanced public transport system

More buses were put on the road under the $1 billion Bus Service Enhancement Programme and new rails lines – Thomson Line and Eastern Region Line – were announced.

5. More uses for CPF funds

CPF contribution rates for all Singaporeans will go up by one percentage point from 2015. Older Singaporeans, who fail to qualify as the pioneer generation, will receive five years of annual CPF Medisave top-ups.

The CPF Advisory Panel is reviewing the way CPF monies could be further utilised to maximise gains. The panel will release its findings in 2015.

6. Municipal Services Office for improved service

The Municipal Services Office was set up in October 2014 to improve the government’s coordination and delivery of services.

7. Lease Buyback Scheme enhanced

The scheme was enhanced to allow more senior citizens to benefit and it was also made more flexible to suit their needs. The scheme was extended to 4-room flats and by this more than 75% of elderly households stand to gain. The raising of the income ceiling and topping up of the CPF Retirement Accounts were also relaxed.

8. More job opportunities for Singaporeans

A new job portal – Jobs Bank – for Singaporeans was launched in 2014. Through this portal, Singaporeans could access job opportunities. The portal also allowed employers to access a larger pool of qualified Singaporeans.

9. Sustaining Singapore

A national plan to create a more liveable and sustainable future for Singaporeans – Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 – was launched. Under the blueprint, “Eco-Smart” towns, a “Car-lite” Singapore, a “Zero-Waste” nation, a “Green” economy and an “Active and Gracious” community are envisioned.

10. New IPPT format

The backbone of Singapore’s defence, our soldiers, whether in active or reservist duty will gain from the new IPPT format, which was made simpler, more relevant and effective.

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