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Mr Lee giving his best **** bye wave.

Cow Beh Cow Bu

PAP wants to Shut Down Alternative News Outlets? Fat Chance!


Mr Lee giving his best **** bye wave.

Mr Lee giving his best **** bye wave.

The popularity of internet media in recent years was seen by the PAP supporters as a threat to their dominance of the control of information.

But the PAP has probably failed to understand the popularity of alternative internet media is not necessary due to opposition members leveraging on an uncontrolled medium to water-down PAP’s votes.

American economist Milton Friedman once remarked that businesses should not view their competitors as rivals. Instead, they should understand and cater to the needs of their markets which they are competing in.

Does the PAP understand the needs of netizens? Alternative internet media are flourishing because they understand those needs. Fabrications About the PAP doesn’t.

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