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PE2023: Ego and Vanity Driving George Goh and Tan Kin Lian’s Presidential Aspirations?

HAROLD CHAI: Businessman and presidential aspirant George Goh says he took 12 years to finally get his music degree, and he did this because he badly wanted to be a graduate.

Anyone who has seen videos of George singing will probably be wondering how he even got that degree because he cannot sing well – he has not come close to even mastering the techniques of breath control, diaphragm control or mic control.

It’s a vanity project, and an utter insult to proper musicians who spend years perfecting their craft.

Now, the 2023 presidential election looks like Goh’s next vanity project since he has no more mountains left to conquer.

By and large, he appears to be the lesser of two evils when Singaporeans are forced to choose between a PAP-endorsed candidate and an “independent”.

How independent he is – that no one knows, considering his close ties over the years with the Establishment and ex-president Tony Tan.

But, so far, he has only talked about himself, and what he will do for himself if becomes president.

Not what he will do for Singaporeans.

That should be the biggest red flag.

Tan Kin Lian is a whole different presidential aspirant.

He has really spoken up for Singaporeans since as far back as 2008.

But after the devastating loss in PE2011, you really need to ask why he is once again flirting with humiliation.

Tan knows in his heart that he will not win – he has mentioned this several times on his Facebook page.

Even in a straight 1v1 fight.

As a successful leader in his own right, is he trying to redeem some vestige of pride, to show that he can win more than 4.9 percent of Singaporeans’ support this time?

Is he intending to run to soothe his own bruised ego, at the expense of Singaporeans?

These are important questions because if Goh and Tan are happy to run for president for selfish, self-aggrandising reasons, no one knows what they can or will do with the knowledge of Singapore’s reserves.

Even Tin Pei Ling’s Grab appointment has been sorely flagged as inappropriate by many Singaporeans, because of the fear that she will put the interest of her Grab paymasters over that of Singapore (an MP’s salary is relative pittance compared to what Grab would pay her).

It’s not about who says the right things anymore, but who has the right intentions.

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