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Practise Ring-Fencing at Clarke Quay to Drunk, Brash Ang Mohs from Singaporeans

HAROLD CHAI: Try going to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay on a Saturday night and you’ll know what I mean. Ang mohs, drunk as skunks, gesticulating wildly and shouting loudly. I thought the police had a term for that called “Disorderly Behaviour in Public”? Ang mohs also get into drunken brawls, and we’ve seen several incidences crop up over the years, time after time. In comparison, the Little India riots were a one-off affair.

Looking at Ms Denise Phua’s Little India proposals, it’s time we protected these ang mohs from the rest of us Singaporeans enjoying leisure drinks by the riverside (not the Ah Bengs lah, they also make a lot of noise).

How can ang mohs tahan the killer stares of aunties when they behave like louts in public? How can they brave the dreaded “tsk” of attas Singaporeans? How can we allow local taxi uncles to bait these ang mohs into bashing them, then kena sent to jail for causing hurt? They can turn violent, you know.

If we’re going to ring-fence spaces for the elderly and children in Little India to play, then we better ring-fence areas by the riverside for Singaporeans to drink. Better still, put us in a black box (with air-con, please) so that our actions won’t affect the brash antics of drunken ang mohs.

They deserve it – they bring money into Singapore, and boost our economy with their spending on beer. If we have to create class boundaries, then so be it. Just don’t stop that sweet wine from flowing and foreign money from changing hands.

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