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Prices Rising Across the Board, but Government Still Bent on Raising GST

The first round of GST hikes is coming up in just a few months, ladies and gentlemen!

Meanwhile, us Singaporeans are still suffering from the surge in cost of living.

Just looking at electricity prices – this is an example of the price increase from Pacific Light, but the same goes for other Open Elctricity Market retailers like Keppel Electric, Geneco and Senoko.

With the latest electricity price hike, the regulated electricity tariff set by SP Group for 1 July 2022 to 30 September 2022 now stands at 32.28 cents per kWh.

This is inclusive of GST.

How many of us have seen our wages go up by 80 percent in recent years?

Besides electricity, prices of food and other essentials are rising at a pace that the rise in wages can hardly match.

Instead of taking concrete steps to alleviate rising cost of living, the government is giving out “freebies” as though another General Election is round the corner

That just makes things even more worrying.

Because somebody has got to pay for all those goodies.

If it has to come from our pockets in the years that follow, then we’re all just going to be stuck in a cycle of pain and more pain.

Or, maybe the government will be merciful and toss the burden on our kids instead.

Sorry kiddos, at the end of the day someone’s got to pay.

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