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Rash and Impulsive, Yes. Still, Police Shouldn’t have Intimidated Han Hui Hui

JACKY: I always have high regards for Singapore Police officers who are always so efficient in solving criminal cases, catching drug traffickers and prostitutes. I think they have been doing a great job in keeping Singapore safe.

Alas, I was disappointed to read that the young blogger Han Hui Hui was taken by the police for questioning in the recent protest case. I already stated in my previous post that they should not protest every month as busy Singaporeans will not attend the protests. I think once you state the point, the bloggers should stop it and perhaps wait for half a year later. I never attend a single protest and prefer to exercise my right to vote to state my point.

For me, I always read the newspaper and internet and am alert whenever there is a rise in CPF minimum sum. If they rise the CPF minimum sum to a ridiculous level of $170k, I will plan to exit Singapore. It is ridiculous when they claim they care for you and want to keep your money and ‘force’ employers to employ older workers. Let’s face it, once you reach 60 years old, you are not really suitable to do manual jobs.

I respect our police officers. However, I don’t respect them if they are trying to intimidate a young blogger. Yes, this young blogger Han Hui Hui is rash and impulsive. But she stopped shouting when she saw the special needs performers. I think she was already punished by the deluge of reprimand from the public and she is sorry for it. A great man should just forgive and let go. I hope she learn not to react and think of the consequence in the future. She and Roy had awakened most Singaporeans who start to question about their CPF savings. For me, I could only share with my friends and relatives.

This commentary was written by Jacky, and was first published in Just Speaking My Mind.
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