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RETROLICIOUS 2015: A Timely Reminder for Singaporeans to Appreciate Our Older Colleagues

Many might call these guys over the hill… if they can even remember who they are. But Colour Me Badd, Tommy Page and All-4-One were anything but.

The paunch might be there, and the double chins all around too. But when it came to sheer energy, the boys-now-men turned on the charm and gave the 7000-strong crowd a show to remember.

And a message – just because they’re older now, doesn’t mean they’re any less better than they’re contemporary counterparts.

From Colour Me Badd’s “Sex Me Up, to Tommy Page’s “Shoulder to Cry On”, and of course All-4-One’s “I Can Love You Like That”, every song was pumped up with gusto and if you were in the audience that night, it seemed that the boys were fuelled by a thought at the back of their heads that this could well be one of the last times that they could take to the big stage.

And they gave it all that they had, and more.


Going back a little, I’ve watched Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen in concert just a couple of years back, and the would-be pensioner played through a 3-hour show with no breaks in-between. The working-class hero knew the crowd had paid good money to come see him, and it was a duty perhaps, to give them everything he was worth.

And isn’t that the same thing when we see older workers in Singapore slogging away at their menial tasks?

I’ve never been served by senior in McDonald’s who wasn’t chirpy and attentive. They might be a bit slower than their younger colleagues at getting the food on the plate, but the level of service, and desire to serve has always been much more welcome for me.

Similarly, the cleaners seen at food courts across Singapore. They really clean the f*ck out of those tables, and don’t do a half-ass job of it.

It’s just sad that their talent and hunger to remain an active part of our Singaporean community and landscape is much neglected.

If only we could make full use of these elderly talents,  and put them in jobs where they could fulfill their potential – jobs related to communication, and public relations – which make less use of brute strength, and more of soft people skills.

Pretty sure they’ll excel.

And better and more meaningful jobs like this would boost their self-worth, at an age where many believe they aren’t deserving of society’s attention. It would give them a good income, to pay for ever-increasing CPF contributions, Medishield Life premiums, housing costs, food, and groceries.

They could enjoy more, and we could enjoy the fruits of their new-found labour.


Going back to Retrolicious 2015, the boys ended the show with a modern-day hit: Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me’.

That’s probably the best message they could deliver to our young ones today – we won’t be forgotten, and we’re here to stay.

So don’t leave us out of life.

Take a bow, guys.


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