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REVEALED: What Goes on in Singapore’s Seedy KTV Bars, An Ex-Bouncer and Lup Sup Bar Hopper Talk to Redwire

This is what goes on in the seedy KTV bars of Singapore. Dancers in skin-tight latex suits frolic with drunken male patrons looking for a good time. ‘Special’ services? That’s left to discretion. Unless you’re a big spender, or a regular, chances that you’ll be offered any ‘happy ending’ are slim.

Redwire spoke to one bar-hopper who used to frequent lup sup bars in Duxton when, in his words, it was still an area known for cheap pinoy prostitutes, Chinese pei jiu mei (drinking kaki girls) and high-class ang moh callgirls.

‘The pei jiu mei will cling on to you, listen to you talk and talk, show interest and make you seem like the most important person in the world…. then ask you to buy more drinks. For yourself, and for her. She gets commission from the sales, so the more you drink, she lagi happy lah. This kind, you can touch a bit, maybe the thigh or maybe put your arm around her. But unless she’s really into you, you can forget about going home with her lah. Some are very smart. They will keep in contact through handphone, make it seem like you have a chance to be her boyfriend, just so you keep coming back to drink there.’

‘Then there’s the Pinoy girls… I’m not targeting Filipinos, but there really were so many of them around at that time. As soon as you walk in, at least 2 or 3 will sashay up to you and grab you by the waist, and call you ‘darling’, or ‘handsome man’. They’re not shy. Some will pat your crotch area so you surely know what they’re after.

” You buy drinks for the girl and yourself, then go to a corner and chat for awhile, then she’s already asking you to bring her to hotel. Why? Because the faster you’re done, the faster they can find the next one lah. One time, my friend sat down with two Pinoy girls in a hidden corner and they gave him a blowjob on the spot – both together at the same time! I never do all this lah. No money”

An ex-bouncer told Redwire that there’s typically 2 types of KTV bars in Singapore. There’s the dirty, or lup sup bars where girls openly offer their services. Drinks and women come cheap at these bars, which are commonly frequented by more blue-collar workers.

Then, there’s the attas KTV lounges, where businessmen entertain clients, big-spenders frequent for their privacy, and if your wallet isn’t fat enough, you don’t have to bother making a reservation. There, the ‘quality’ of girls are better and ‘happy endings’ are more forthcoming, since most patrons have private rooms for their group.

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1 Comment

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